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About Sushi

Life Story

Born and raised in Southern California, I’ve lived in San Juan Capistrano for most of my life. I (unintentionally) got an AA in Computer Science at Saddlecrack College. I lived in Vegas for a few years till 2009, when I moved back down to South OC.

Fucking Vegas… I miss the gambling and no last call.


I worked in IT from 1995 to 2000 and sporadically since then. I’ve freelanced via sushi3 Industries, my graphic/website design company. Nowadays I work for Richer Poorer. People ask what I do for them. I’m the Operations Manager, and I do a lot of random stuff, from systems to overseas logistics to connecting departments.

I’m barely doing anything with sushi3 Industries. I’m not taking new clients because I like not coming home from work to do more work. 🙂

Sushi FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is “Sushi” your real name? How the hell did you get that name?
A: My parents named me Atsushi. Sushi is easier to pronounce and remember, plus everybody loves sushi, especially in SoCal and Vegas. I guess people know that if I can call myself Sushi, I must be a totally chill motherfucker. Which is absolutely correct.
Q: You got some pretty big balls going up and singing karaoke.
A: After the first time, it’s easy. You have to sing a good song that you can get into. Sing for either (1) the ladies or (2) for everyone. That way, even if you suck at singing, people will appreciate it. Or (3) fuck everyone and sing for yourself, just be really into it.
It always helps if you’re with a group of drunk-ass friends. So I think my balls are only slightly larger than average. Just kidding, they’re huge.
Q: So, what all can you sing?
A: I can do a ton of songs badly, but I’m mostly pretty good. Not like I’m-full-of-shit-pretty-good, but I’m-my-worst-critic-and-I’m-pretty-good. I like singing shit like Led ZeppelinFoo FightersDef Leppard, Aerosmith, some Motley Crue, Livin’ On A Prayer (anyone?) and Baby Got Back. Lately I’ve been trying to develop my metal voice so I can sing shit like Drowning Pool, Disturbed, Pantera and other good shit. Not a whole lot of metal karaoke songs out there.
Q: Do you sing with a band? You look like the rock star type.
A: Not anymore. I was in a band and I wasn’t very good. Played bass and did backup vocals. I wasn’t good enough to be the front man then. I know a little guitar and some music theory. I really like doing live band karaoke — band experience without band drama.

Favorite Music


Stephen Lynch is without a doubt the best singer/songwriter on the planet. Hermaphrodite, Baby, Love Song, She Gotta Smile, Best Friends Song, D & D, Craig, Classic Rock Song, Beelz, Little Tiny Moustache, Whittlin’ Man. The list of hits goes on and on…

Favorite TV Shows

  • Doctor Who
  • Marvel and DC shows
  • Brooklyn 99
  • I have a lot of others…

All-time favorite TV shows

  • Get Smart, the best show ever created
  • Dukes of Hazzard
  • MacGyver (from the 80s)
  • Highlander
  • The Outer Limits