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Hellfire Wing Challenge at Smoke Eaters

Saturday, July 4th, 2009

Last week I flew to San Fran to visit Connie for a few days and see the city. Never been there before. Best memory? Last Sunday, we drove down to Santa Clara to Smoke Eaters to do the Hellfire Challenge because I saw it on Man v. Food. The basic rules: you, a waiver, 12 wings in 10 minutes, no drinks or napkins, and a 5-minute waiting period after you finish.

It was definitely an experience! The wings came in a thick, gritty soup of hot sauce. First bite, windpipe became constricted. Not unbearably hot though. Oh, it burned, but I had more painful heat from a little green pepper my dad fed me a week earlier. The hot sauce burned everywhere — fingers, lips, cheeks, mouth, stomach, and (later) asshole. The wings were hard to swallow — I could only finish 3 in 10 minutes. Connie did 5! (more…)