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Google fade-in, plus bonus Mac keyboard rant

This Google fade-in is great! I also liked New Coke, Crystal Pepsi, Windows Vista and can’t imagine why they weren’t successful.

But seriously, I only load up to NOT search. Meaning — for Gmail, Calendar and everything else. To search, I just use the Google Toolbar. So the fade seriously sucks for me.

How I fixed it

I tried YesScript for Firefox, which is awesome (like NoScript, but a lot simpler) but it just blindly disables ALL JavaScript, even on Gmail and Calendar. The GreaseMonkey script posted by Jangly Mark did the trick for me. Life is normal again and I no longer care if Google fixes this egregious error. The script is available at and requires GreaseMonkey.

While I’m ranting about shit, Apple’s regular keyboard sucks donkey balls. Where’s my number pad, home and delete, page up and page down keys that I need for Windows and Linux? And the enter key on the bottom right that I use with my mouse? So now I’m gonna have to dig up my old PC keyboard with a PS/2 connector and try to rig that up with my work Mac.

While I’m at it, why the fuck are all of the ergonomic keyboards so shitty? Belkin used to have the ErgoBoard Keyboard (F8E208-BLK). That’s the one I have (2 of). I can’t find it anywhere because it’s discontinued. Their latest ErgoBoard really puts the suck in successor.

Why do I like the old one so much? Because the 6 KEY IS ON THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE FUCKING KEYBOARD. And the key action is good. Those are really my only requirements for an ergonomic keyboard. Oh, and NO MISSING KEYS. As horrible as Belkin quality is, my keyboard fucking rules. The printing on the keys is almost worn off.

Maybe I’m strange for actually using all the keys on a keyboard. Yes, I use the Windows key and Pause/Break. In fact, pressing Win-Break brings up the System control panel in Windows since 95. So I can do without those keys, but it’s sucks when I’m trying to troubleshoot device problems. And yeah, I use all 8 buttons on my Logitech mouse also. But they are still making those, so I have no complaints there.

Don’t even get me started on the iMac display. In addition to being really nice and bright, I can see exactly what’s going on behind me at all times.

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